Another Option for Frost Emblems

January 29, 2010

I mentioned in my last post why I feel Emblems of Frost should be removed from the daily random heroic.

I also suggested that the easiest way to compensate for this removal was simply to make the gear cost fewer emblems.

Well, easiest isn’t necessarily best.  I had another idea, or bit of wishful thinking rather, but didn’t want to make the last post any longer.

Judging by the forums, there’s a renewed interest in world bosses.  These have been out of fashion since Burning Crusade, which surprises me as this current expansion is the first to use the phasing technology that could make all the previous issues regarding griefing disappear.

Why not have a world boss in a phased area?

Defeating such a boss could be the object of a daily quest that gives Emblems of Frost.   The phasing could be triggered on becoming friendly with the Ashen Verdict, which would make sure that everyone in the area is suitably badass.

To stop cross faction griefing, perhaps there could be different phases for Alliance and Horde?  Or if that isn’t possible, how about a sanctuary zone?  What about twin bosses of each faction, that can only be taken down by the opposing faction players who will need to cooperate to get the job done? (Yeah, this last one is asking for trouble, but I just enjoyed imagining the possibilities).

Whatever the exact mechanisms used, I’m pretty sure that there’s a very workable solution somewhere.  Even if its got nothing to do with Emblems of Frost in the end, I’m sure that somehow phasing technology offers the answer to the problems associated with world bosses, and hope it won’t be too long before we see another one.

But… if we could see one in the environs of Icecrown Citadel, what would you want to see?


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