Fraudulent Finkelstein

January 26, 2010

“Alchemist” Finkelstein, huh?  I’ve had a long conversation with this clown and let me tell you, he’s no alchemist!  Doesn’t know the first thing about it.

I’ve been hanging around Alchemists since I was a living, breathing young monk, and in recent years have worked hard to become a Grand Master of the Art in good reknown.  Recently I have set myself a new challenge…  I am determined to discover a more powerful Alchemist’s Stone.

It’s sad to relate, considering the ancient bond between practitioner and lump of rock, but my present stone lies unwanted in the bank, next to a small pile of toothpicks and that paper mask of a troll’s head some idiot gave me outside Zul’Aman. And why?  Because it’s patently not up to the job anymore.

So during my travels throughout Northrend I’ve been working on improvements with various alchemists I’ve met, but only two avenues of enquiry have shown any promise at all.  And as one of those suffered an, er… unfortunate crisis of loyalties at the Wrathgate, I’ve been unable to continue our discussions.  The other possibility lies in imbuing my existing Stone with the power of Primordial Saronite…

So it was with some excitement that I followed the worlds foremost expert on the stuff to the lobby of Icecrown Citadel, where we had our little chat.

Now I’m not disputing his expertise on the subject of Saronite – he knows more about it than a sane mind could possibly encompass – but when I started talking about its potential uses in the Alchemical Art he just looked blank and shifty.  Couldn’t answer a single question.

I’ve sent word back to the Undercity to find out if this fool has ever had any dealings with the Society, and will wait to hear how they respond.


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