I mentioned in my last post why I feel Emblems of Frost should be removed from the daily random heroic.

I also suggested that the easiest way to compensate for this removal was simply to make the gear cost fewer emblems.

Well, easiest isn’t necessarily best.  I had another idea, Read the rest of this entry »


The most damaging conflict being waged in Azeroth right now isn’t the crusade against the Scourge, or the war between Alliance and Horde. It’s the struggle between the Overgeared and everyone else.

This is manifesting itself though intolerance within PuGs, QQ on the forums and more than a few deaths.

At its root is the breakdown of the progression path that channels players to appropriate content.

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2 Healers is Enough

January 27, 2010

Do you take 2 or 3 healers to your 10 person raids?

If you currently take 3, then chances are high that you don’t need to.  At this point in the game, 2 healers are all you need…

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Fraudulent Finkelstein

January 26, 2010

“Alchemist” Finkelstein, huh?  I’ve had a long conversation with this clown and let me tell you, he’s no alchemist!  Doesn’t know the first thing about it.

I’ve been hanging around Alchemists since I was a living, breathing young monk, and in recent years have worked hard to become a Grand Master of the Art in good reknown.  Recently I have set myself a new challenge…   Read the rest of this entry »

Nerf AoE Tanking!

January 26, 2010

What a lot of noise folks are making these days about topping the meters.  People coming up with nonsense about dps behaving themselves and being sensible.  Waiting for the tank to get aggro, focus firing marked adds, being careful with aoe, all that kind of rubbish.

Now I’ve seen seen plenty of dps.  I’ve watched them unleash torrents of agony on their foes, and laughed as they’ve ended up as a mushy smear on the ceiling, and am pretty confident when I say that there are two types of dps…

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Death and Misery

January 26, 2010

I wasn’t a priest when I died, just a humble monk.  I spent my days grinding inks for the illuminators in the scriptorum, and helping with the herbal preparations for which our monastery was reknowned (a salve to cure itching of the underbelly, and a strong “tonic” wine with medicinally hallucinogenic qualities which also caused itching of the, er… hmmm).

Then I died.  Well, all of us did.  The scourge got us.  Strong “tonic” wine, while spiritually efficacious, can somewhat hinder more, er, material decision making.  I suppose our  quartermaster should have been more thorough in his checking of that “Frozen Foods” wholesaler, but those crates of grain were very cheap…

Things get a bit hazy after that, or at least we try and pretend that they do.  Tales of one’s time spent in a mindlessly rampaging cannibal zombie horde don’t do down well in most company.

Thank the Dark Lady for getting some of us our willpower and self determination back.  Ok, so we don’t get many dinner party invitations, but at least I can order a drink in a pub without trying to eat the barman’s brains.

But enough of all that.  I wanted to talk about faith.  About belief. About what being forsaken means to me, spiritually speaking.

It means damn you all, with your breathing and heartbeats!  One death isn’t enough for you, you living, muculent scum!  A thousand deaths won’t be enough!  You bunch of warm bastards.  I’ll keep you coming back, again and again so you can suffer again and again, and for every disembowelling sword thrust, every loss of an extremity to a poisoned,
swinging axe, I’ll laugh and patch you up again so you can suffer some more!

And that, my brothers and sisters is why I heal.  I am a revenging angel of misery.  I have fixed my course to the star of perpetually endured agony and however loudly you scream I will never let you pass from the world with honor and dignity, but drag you back to breathe once more to pay your neverending debt in blood and pain.  How dare you find the tranquillity of eternal peace while I have to suffer this… decrepitude and rot.